The Ultimate Titanic Experience in Belfast.

Now that the Titanic Belfast Museum is finally open, it’s time to organise a family day out for the ultimate Titanic experience! Here at Europa Hotel, we have gathered all of the information you need for the newly refurbished museum, as well as other activities to make a day out of.

Titanic Museum is one of Belfast’s biggest attractions, which has now been fully refurbished, making it a MUST this Spring. This multi-million refurbishment will allow visitors have the ultimate experience, showcasing some of the rarest pieces from the ship. The good news is, after months of closure, the museum is now finally open for the public.

To start off your ultimate titanic experience, book your tickets for the discovery tour. This can be found on the Titanic Belfast Museum website. You will be able to hear how the ship was built from scratch, as well as the tragic stories that were experienced by the survivors. Learn facts about the Titanic you haven’t heard before whilst you explore the museum.

Walking around the newly renovated museum, you will discover a wide range of sights, smells and sounds of the ship, making it a very immersive experience. This includes the shipyard ride, the launch, the sinking and many more.

If you are thinking of visiting the museum this spring, Titanic Belfast Museum is holding ‘A night to remember’ on 14th April, to mark the 111th anniversary of the sinking. You will be able to go on a journey of reflection, and brought to the key points throughout Titanic, SS Nomadic whilst you relax and enjoy music. There will also be a ceremony on the slipways, marketing the exact time that Titanic struck the iceberg, which is 11.40pm.

Titanic Belfast

After your education-filled tour, make sure to visit the iconic SS Nomadic which is right on the slipway. This is the last remaining White Star Line Ship in the whole world. Having played a huge role in the titanic story, the ship has gone through a rollercoaster of a journey that you must see! This will allow you to experience how passengers were transported to the Titanic and how first and second-class passengers were separated. The SS Nomadic guide is included in the Titanic Museum ticket, so you should definitely include this in your itinerary.

On your way back, make sure to check out the Hamilton Dock, where stands the oldest caisson in the world. Its job was to hold back the sea and protect the ships which were dry-docked to get repaired. It is fascinating to see and has now been standing for over 145 years.

To complete your ultimate titanic experience, why not stay for the night? Here at Europa Hotel we have the luxurious Titanic Suite, which has recently been refurbished, it is a presidential suite and is one of the largest hotel rooms in Belfast. In addition, you can also purchase your museum tickets at the same time as booking your accommodation.

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